Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fake GPS Location For Android

Get it from google play :

Introducing Fake GPS - currently the best looking fake location app!
Fake GPS tricks your phone into thinking that it is somewhere else. You can be in Rome, London, New York or simply anywhere in the world. It’s simple and great fun to trick people with. You can use Fake GPS to pull a prank or show that you’re somewhere else as an excuse. It’s a simple idea with a lot of potential.
How does it work?
The application essentially makes your Android phone believe that it is anywhere that want it to be. Fake GPS turns any location into your current location with just the touch of a button. It takes two steps to fake your location, first, enable ‘Mock Locations’ in developer settings; then, simply set your new location using the Fake GPS app.
When could I use it?
You can use it to prank your friends and family. You can also pretend that you are somewhere completely strange - like the middle of the Pacific Ocean! You can be anywhere you want!
Fake GPS is easy to use, fast and fun. Explore wonderful possibilities and be anywhere you want using the easy-to-use interface. It takes merely seconds to reset your location.
- Fake your location with just two steps!
- Easy to use and can be done by anyone!
- Can be used to play pranks or as an excuse!


  1. Bonjour. J'ai utilisé votre application pour localiser mon téléphone en finlande, maintenant je veux arrêter. Donc j'ai fait "stop" dans votre application mais ça ne marche pas, j'ai supprimé votre application mais ça ne marche pas ! Mon telepone est toujours localisé en finlande ...pouvez vous m'aider ? Merci d'avance